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~ Teams & conditions ~
1 : The tourist shelter is not charging anything extra from the tourists for the booking of rooms or any other services arising out of it.
2 : The minimum booking amount has to be INR 1000/- against booking of rooms at any of the places and in any category of hotel.
3 : The mode of fund transfer for Indian tourists shall be RTGS into the account of tourist shelter.com. As the fund transfer charges are less and it is advantageous for all of us.
4 : Foreign tourist need to make their payment through PayPal.
5 : The booking shall only be confirmed after the transfer of fund. The transfer of fund shall be required after the confirmation from the respective hotel or lodge for which the tourist is seeking accommodation in advance.
6 : Fund once transferred against the payment of room rents can be adjusted only after the confirmation received from the respective hotel for postponement or total refund if any. In case of total refund, if confirmed by the hotel, tourist shelter shall charge flat Rs. 100/- against service charges for negotiating the deal and transferring the fund back into the customer’s account.
7 : There are two ways of sending request for room bookings. Sending requests after typing the texts and other details on the website of touristshelter.com or by emails at info@touristshelter.com and sanraju2000@yahoo.co.in
8 : Alternatively, enquiry can also be made on this number 99291325090.