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Hotels in Tarkarli
The beaches of Devbagh and Tarkarli has been developed by Government of Maharashtra recently just like Goa. The beach has some exotic and unexplored beauty of the sea and the sands surrounded by thick vegetation of coconut and palm trees all along Devbagh, Tarkarli, and Malvan. These beaches would attract attention of tourists looking for places away from hassles of crowd.
Places of interest
Devbagh (Beach): This is the beach developed by Government of Maharashtra in the recent past. The beaches of Tarkarli and Devbagh provide exotic beach location, totally untouched by crowds. Of the three, Tarkarli and Devbagh is woth watching, while one can visit Malvan for the fort island situated some distance into the sea. Devbagh and Tarkarli can be considered to be one of the most calm, serene, and full of natural beauty along the beaches. Free from hassles of crowd and some water sports activities.