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Question 1: Why should I book my room online?
Ans : Online booking would ensure that you get your rooms booked in advance and your trip would be free from all the hassles. you will get all these without paying anything extra.
Question 2: What are the fees you charge for providing this service ?
Ans : There is no fee or commission charged from the tourists by us.
Question 3: Why would you book room for us without charging anything ?
Ans : We charge very small commission from the hoteliers or room providers.
Question 4: What are the other benefits for the tourists booking rooms through tourist shelter ?
Ans : Tourisshelter.com has targeted only budget segment of hotels and star hotels are completely out of our purview. For this purpose, we have searched and located the best hotel in terms of location, service and room rents within the category mentioned. We also help tourists by telling them about discounts offered, auto fares, location details, best time to visit,best places of interests etc.
Question 5: What if hotels are situated away from the bus stand or railway station or main market ?
Ans : We have tied up with the hotels, which are some distances away from all these locations and not in the heart of the town. This is for the simple reason that you could have easily located such hotels all by yourself and so what is the purpose of booking through us. Secondly, tourists usually do not visit the place to experience the crowd and the noise, and the purpose of tourism is to escape from the maddening crowd. Thirdly, centrally located hotels charge some premium price without offering anything extra.
Question 6: In many places, tourist shelter has tied up with two or even three hotels. Don’t you think it would be confusing for the tourist to choose the best option ?
Ans : No! We have categorized the budget hotels into premium budget (Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1500/-), budget (Rs. 700/- to Rs. 900/-) and low budget (Rs. 300/- to Rs 600/-) to provide variety to the tourists. Decision regarding the choice of hotel primarily depends upon the paying capacity of the tourist and at many times it also depends upon the availability of the hotel in the category mentioned.
Question 7: What would be the booking amount ?
Ans : It would be at least 20% multiplied by the number of days of stay in hotels and number of rooms to be occupied or minimum INR 1000/-. But, the amount may vary as per our agreements with different hotels.
Question 8: Is there any minimum or floor level for the amount for which booking has to be made ?
Ans : Yes, the minimum booking amount to be transferred into tourist shelter's account has to be INR 1000/- But, it may not be applicable in all the cases.
Question 9: What would be the procedure of booking rooms ?
Ans : It would be through online payment via PayPal for foreign tourists. Indian tourists can directly deposit into the tourist shelter's account through NEFT/RTGS mode (Online money transfer)or net banking after the intimation and communication through phone and e-mail. Payment shall be made only after the confirmation is received from the respective hotels for which tourists would be intimated.
Question 10: Why this floor level or minimum amount of Rs 1000/- of room rent ?
Ans : This amount of Rs, 1000/- is being paid to the hoteliers and tourist shelter works on a wafer thin margin of the entire transaction. As earlier said, we are not hiking the room rents to add our service charges in any way. Our mission is “customer satisfaction to the hilt”.
Question 11: How would tourists know that room tariff is reasonable and facilities are adequate ?
Ans : As we have mentioned that tourist shelter’s prime mission is the establishment of trust. The element of trust would enable us to serve our customers because we have tied up with the hotels located at different places of tourist importance, only after finding the best in the category and not on the basis of highest commission offered. The moment we loose the faith of our customers, we are finished. The tourist, not satisfied with us will tell at least ten others not to avail our services. So, we believe in building rapport with our customers not churning money. Tourist shelter.com is a registered firm to prove our resolution that how committed we are to fulfill your promises. Finally, we also communicate and intimate things like discount offered by hotels, for which hotels do not make much publicity, and these are the matter to be negotiated. But, tourist shelter has taken upon itself to do an absolutely transparent business transaction by intimating and communicating the amount of discounts available and the time period during which such discounts would be available. Minor things but, of great importance because these things add up to unnecessary worry and tension.
Question 12: what are these?
Ans : These are : Taxi/Auto fare between different points. Places of interest and those places which are on the list but not worth visiting, citing reason. Check out time. These are the issues over which fight and tension has broken out between tourists and hoteliers. In India, there is no uniform check out time. It varies from state to state as well as places. For many tourists it comes as a rude shock, because they are not intimated about it. Finally, “Taste of pudding is in eating”